Software details

The maintenance software EXPERT-maintenance is so user-friendly that

no training is necessary!

The maintenance software EXPERT-maintenance enables
planning, control and analysis of maintenance, inspection, repair work,
material planning and external-company management.

If your company is certified according to DIN ISO 9000, you can benefit from
valuable support through special functions of the software.


Work orders and scheduling

This types of workorders are possible:
- Periodic maintenance order with an interval based on time,
- Periodic maintenance order with operating data interval,
- Individual repair order,
- Unplanned repair order
- Fault logging.

Data input in user friendly entry fields is very easy:

Equipments, assemblies or subassablies can be structured in a hierarchy.
The system structure existing in your company can be adopted.


Work order queue

The Work order queue is a frequent function for the technicians. All orders
due and logged faults are displayed.
Work papers and material notes and also image files can be printed or send
as an email from this queue with all data required for carrying out the work.
Collective work papers for routine work can be printed instead of the detailed
work papers. Email functions are available.

The orders must be acknowledged after processing. At the same time, all
changes to the data specified in the work paper are entered.



All maintenance, inspection and repair orders are automatically printed with
a barcode for faster identification and acknowledgement. It is also quicker
to log faults via barcode checklists.
Mobile barcodescanner or smartphone apps can be used.


Drawings and photos

You can assign drawings or photos to your equipment, work orders or spare parts.
They are printed out for each work schedule to illustrate the orders .


Data history

The data history is a requirement for preventative maintenance. This makes it
possible to target weak points and recognize wear tendencies. All completed and
reported work orders are saved in a special history file for the following evaluations.

Equipment or machine life cycles:

All maintenance work from procurement onwards is listed with system downtimes
and costs. In conjunction with the order archive you will receive an exact list of
all work to the Equipment or machine.

Weak point analysis:

The frequency of damage to a system is shown graphically. Weak points can
immediately be seen and system improvements can be evaluated.


Schedule overview graphics

You are provided with graphics showing a clear overview of all work schedules
 for the selected time period.


Personnel capacity planning

You can effectively avoid overtime or insufficient capacity utilization by your
personnel on the basis of graphics and evaluation lists.


System availability overview / Downtime planning

A special list shows you the system downtimes due to maintenance measures.
It is especially suitable for coordination with production.


Cost accounting

To promote cost transparency, you can gain an overview of the costs to be
expected for the planned maintenance for the selected time period. You can
also compile exact cost lists for completed maintenance work.


Budget control

Here you can receive information on the budget consumption divided into
in-house, external and material costs as well as on further development of the
consumption based on a cost prognosis.


Material management


Spare parts, consumable materials and tools for the maintenance work are
managed with the material planning and management.

Parts lists

In the event of a fault, you can immediately get an idea of which spare parts are
needed, etc. In this way, you can effectively shorten system downtimes.

Material tracking

You can obtain information concerning which systems or system parts certain
spare parts are installed in.

Purchase lists

You are prompted to purchase spare parts at an early date, with consideration
of the delivery time, if their reserves need to be replenished. Material
bottlenecks are therefore avoided and system downtimes shortened, as the
right spare parts are always in stock.

Cost monitoring and cost-relevant allocation

Handling frequency monitoring

Just-in-time support


Shift worker notes

A digital shift worker notebook is integrated in the software EXPERT-maintenance.
Easy and save changing of shifts is supported by showing:
- shift worker notes
- maintenance work to do
- maintenance work that has been done by the previous shift team
- photos for documentation


Outsourcing management

An implementation by external companies can be more cost effective for
certain maintenance work. The system provides you with support for this in
the following ways:

Tender documents are printed.

The implementation of maintenance work is controlled via daily, weekly or
monthly order sheets.

The work carried out is monitored via acceptance records.

The compiled invoice is checked via an invoice control sheet.

Cost comparisons between external companies and between external
companies and in-house service can be realized via selected orders.

External companies and in-house services can be managed simultaneously.


Key indicators for maintenance

Indicators like MTBR (mean time between repair) and MTTR (mean time to repair)
can be listed.


Interfaces to other software

The software EXPERT maintenance has a flexible interface for production planning systems and is especially suitable as a cost-effective and user-friendly substitute for maintenance modules of these systems. In addition, interfaces to all current databases or application programs are possible.


System adaptation to your company

The entire maintenance software EXPERT-maintenance has a modular structure.
We compile a system precisely tailored to your company from our complete
program for your special requirements. In addition, each individual module can be
arranged so flexibly that you yourself do not have to adapt to the system, but
instead the system adjusts to you.






EXPERT maintenance is the English version of the German









Work order

Work order queue

Equipment and machine life cycles

Weakpoint analysis

Schedule graphics


Downtime planning

Costs and budget



Key indicators

App for smartphone and tablet

Fault logging / Ticketingsystem

Shift worker notes