In the maintenance software EXPERT-maintenance, barcodes are automatically printed out on all orders, order lists, removal lists, catalogues etc. The barcodes are printed out on normal printers. No special barcode printer is necessary.
The barcodes e.g. serve for rapid acknowledge of orders, changing orders, removing material etc.
There is no need for a complicated and time-consuming entry of numbers or letters.

Fault logging:
fault logging can be simplified by the use of barcode lists so that no data has to be entered via the keyboard. Faults are logged by scanning in barcode lists (which are compiled in the catalogues module).

Our app for smartphones and tablets can also be used for reporting faults.

Mobile barcode scanner:
Mobile barcode scanners can be used to process and finalize orders, while logging faults.
After processing the orders or faults  are transferred to the EXPERT-maintenance as normal orders.
Further information on the use of mobile barcode scanning in conjunction with the maintenance software EXPERT-maintenance is available on request. Please contact us:

Telephone: ++49/(0)421/631125
Fax: ++49/(0)421/6363112


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